If I could be anywhere in the world, it would be the beautiful deep green mountains of Northern Ireland as the sun is setting and the stars appear.

I’m based out of Greenville, South Carolina but I’m always making plans for the next adventure somewhere across the country or the globe. One of my first memories of taking pictures was having a disposable camera from Walgreens on a trip to Colorado and snapping photos of snowy mountains, dinosaur fossils in a museum, and people I loved. All along, photography has been a steady undercurrent in my life leading me to where I am now. I shot my first wedding as a sophomore in college in 2018 and I knew that’s what I was meant to do forever. I’ve been a photographer for almost 3 years now professionally and traveling all around the world (seven different countries so far!) taking photos and falling in love with different cultures and people. 

You can probably find me in a local coffee shop in a green turtle neck, listening to “August” by Taylor Swift and sending funny videos of cats to my friends and family. If you follow me, you’ll probably see Charli or Avalanche, my two cats, on my story trying to steal my food. I love playing board games with my family. I’m a Moe’s quesadilla fanatic. (I think Moe’s follows me on Instagram still?) I cherish authenticity and a good conversation. I love concerts and laughing until someone comments that my face is as red as my hair. 


The Big Dipper

As God has taught me and shown me his faithfulness and consistency over the last few years, the stars became the symbolism of that truth, knowing they were there through city haze and clear mountain skies. The Big Dipper became that one symbolic element–a constellation that stayed with me in all of my adventures around the world. Each time I find it in the sky, I’m wonderstruck by God in all of his beauty and steadfastness. As it’s been that sweet reminder for me, I hope that others can look at my photographs and see Him in it all–the wonder of creation–from humanity to the heavens. 

I want to be your 


I want to take photos of you in a way that tells the story of the authentic you while capturing it artistically. Whether you are a romantic or a goofball, thoughtful or outgoing, an adventurer or a homebody, I would love working with you!



I’ve worked on developing my own unique style since I started my business early in college. The colors I use are warm and romantic. They are what I would want someone to feel if they were snuggled up in a blanket by the fireplace on a snowy day or driving through the mountains in the peak of autumn. My style is real, raw, reflective, and passionate while also being fun and lighthearted. I feel closest to God and people when I am in nature, so I wanted my color palette to reflect this through sunset oranges, earthy browns, and forest greens. 

adventure with me!