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I’ve lived abroad for two years, visited 18 countries, traveled solo, organized group travel, speak lower level French, documented weddings abroad, and worked for non-profits in Uganda and all over Europe.



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Life has taken me through the jagged cliffs of the Rockies, winding through the Blue Ridge Mountains aglow with autumn colors, and settled by the serene blue waters of the Florida coast. From Charleston to Uganda, from Edinburgh to Toulouse, I have wandered. I can only dream of where life has taken you and where it will take you! I would love to join you anywhere love has led you. I mean anywhere. If you want to get married in a quiet chateau or a private island, I’ll follow you with joy.


For weddings and elopements in France, I offer a special package that covers the entire day, with only travel and accommodation expenses. Simple as that! I'd love to help you plan your wedding photography adventure in France, sharing all the tips and tricks I picked up during my time there. From sorting out travel arrangements to finding the perfect locations and even lending a hand with translations, count me in!

Living in the south of France for two years was an absolute delight. I called Montpellier and Toulouse home, where I happily roamed among charming limestone buildings with their periwinkle shutters, and spent many evenings leisurely strolling along the banks of the Garonne River. My work was heavily inspired and changed into what it is today, reflecting the feeling of wonder from my time there as much as I can through photos.

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Catching a sunset from the mountain tops of Milos Greece  

Wandering through the south of France

Visiting the Alsace region of France 

Milos, Greece exactly where they found the statue of Venus de Milo that can be found in the Louvre

Sitting among the tall fields where Jesus ministered in Nazareth

dreaming of seeing

The Swiss Alps 

Scottish Highlands

The Greek Islands

French Riviera 

Italian Dolomites



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